Newsletter June 2018

Hello Idaho Oral Health Alliance members and supporters! With support of members, sponsors, and partners, the IOHA serves as the catalyst for joint discussions and actions that lead us toward our vision of optimal oral health for Idahoans. Financial support and active engagement from members and partners continue to help us convene conversations and facilitate actions that move us closer to the vision we share.

The IOHA mission is to: Lead collaborative efforts to bring optimal oral health to Idahoans through education, advocacy, and program development.

Officer Elections

In early January 2018, new officers were elected by the board. After serving as chair for three years, Angie Bailey, RDH-EA, MSDH, passed the torch to Samantha Kenney, RDH-EA (Delta Dental of Idaho). Troy Clovis, DMD (Benchmark Family Dentistry), is the new chair-elect, and Linda Swanstrom, MBA (Idaho State Dental Association), and Graham Paterson (retired) were re-elected to their respective roles of secretary and treasurer. Angie now serves as the liaison between the IOHA and the Idaho Oral Health Program.

Other board members include: Carolyn Brammer, RDH-EA (retired); Kathy Coumerilh (Idaho Primary Care Association); Susanne Jamison, RDH (Idaho Dental Hygienists’ Association); John Kriz, DDS (retired); Jack Lincks, DDS, MS (Periodontal Health Specialists of Idaho); Colleen Stephenson, RDH-ER, MS (Idaho State University Dental Hygiene); and Andrea Timmerman (Willamette Dental Group)

Volunteer Opportunity

AMEN Clinic in Boise: For the second year, this free three-day clinic will set up shop at the Expo Idaho center in Garden City. Volunteers are needed for all aspects of this September 12-14 event. The organizers are looking for practitioners and general volunteers. All volunteers must formally register with AMEN and then are covered under the AMEN malpractice and insurance policy. For more information or to register as a volunteer, visit

Bylaw Amendment Passed

Thanks to all members who registered e-votes in February regarding the motion to amend the bylaws. The amendment created the new role and expectations of the Idaho Oral Health Program Liaison and paved the way for the board to create future non-voting liaison/advisory positions as needed.

IOHA Spring Tour Completed

Thanks to all who attended our first-ever Idaho Spring Member Tour. We partnered with the Idaho Oral Health Network and held social/educational events in seven cities across the state between the end of April and early June. The events were an opportunity to thank members for their support, recruit new members, and provide updates about the oral health landscape in Idaho. Attendees received continuing education certificates. The educational aspects of each event included a tutorial about the differences between the Idaho Oral Health Alliance, the Idaho Oral Health Program, and the Idaho Oral Health Network; an overview of the current IOHA initiative of leading efforts to integrate oral health into the primary care settings across the state; IOHN updates on goals specific to each region; a legislative recap of the 2018 session, and announcements about upcoming events.

Oral Health Integration Initiative Update

Efforts to lay the foundation for support for oral health integration continue. In May, the IOHA, the Idaho Rural Health Association (IRHA, and the Idaho Academy of Family Physicians (IAFP) partnered to bring David Krol, MD, MPH, FAAP, to Idaho to present a session on the importance of oral health during the IAFP Annual Conference in Sun Valley. Dr. Krol is a pediatrician/oral health champion who addressed the need for primary care teams to assess the oral health of their patients.

In June, the IOHA, Idaho College of Dentistry, and Willamette Dental Group partnered to bring Steve Geiermann, DDS, from the ADA to Idaho for the annual Idaho State Dental Association Annual Session. Dr. Geiermann addressed the need for medical-dental collaboration. Joining him for the presentation was Kim Keller, DDS; Troy Clovis, DMD, and Christine Hall, MAT, MPAS, PA-C who all shared personal experiences with medical-dental partnerships. All agreed on the need for stronger integration and referral processes.

Resources for You

NEW IOHP Website

The Idaho Oral Health Program (IOHP) within the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has re-designed its website. Check it out at  From this link, you can find information about the Idaho Oral Health Network (IOHN), review surveillance data, and link to state and national resources. Visit it today!


LiveBetterIdaho is a new and outstanding web-based resource that connects Idahoans to the services they need. For more information, visit

Idaho Maternal & Child Health Block Grant Executive Summary

The Title V Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Block Grant Program is one of the largest federal block grant programs and the longest standing public health legislation with the goal of improving the health and well-being of mothers, infants, and children, including children and youth with special health care needs, and their families. To review the Idaho Title V MCH Block Grant Executive Summary, click here.

Sponsor Thanks:

Our thanks to our Sustaining Partners, Delta Dental of Idaho and MCNA (Managed Care North America) and our continuing In-Kind Partner, Eide Bailly. These three stellar organizations continue to support our efforts in seeking optimal oral health for Idahoans.