Created in 2023, this award recognizes oral health champions (individuals or organizations/companies) who support the mission and vision of the IOHA. At the board’s discretion, it may be given each year, every other year, or as appropriate candidates are named. Nominations, including self-nominations, may be submitted throughout the year. 

Eligible recipients will have demonstrated: 

  • Positive impact on others
  • A commitment to improving the oral health of others through monetary means, by volunteering their personal time, by leading activity that is in line with the vision and mission statement of IOHA

Selection Process:

The individual or organization does not have to be in the health care profession but should be involved with the IOHA and its efforts. Selections are finalized by the Board of Directors. Actions leading to recognition should be compliant with the IOHA Mission and Vision.

The nominee’s actions must demonstrate a commitment to addressing the oral health needs of the people of Idaho, and their efforts must support oral health in Idaho in at least one of these criteria areas: 

  • Improve the oral health needs of people in Idaho or a specific population
  • Develop or provided preventive program(s)
  • Increase public awareness about oral health disparities/access to care issues
  • Provide preventive, restorative, or dental hygiene procedures to those in need
  • Improve access to care
  • Give monetary assistance to the IOHA or oral health program
  • Increase or provide workforce assistance
  • Provide exemplary volunteer service to the IOHA

Nominations may be submitted throughout the year but must be received by October 1 of the current year to be considered. Once the nomination is submitted, an email will be sent to the nominator acknowledging the receipt of the information. If additional information is needed, the IOHA will contact the nominator. Nominations will be kept on file for three years. At the end of three years, the IOHA will contact the nominator to either collect additional information or close the nomination. Award selection is at the discretion of the IOHA Board of Directors and may not happen every year. Announcements will be made at the Annual Member Celebration.

IOHA Champion for Oral Health Award Recipients

2023 – Dr. John Kriz