The 2021–2026 Oral Health Improvement Plan serves as a roadmap for the strategic vision for the improvement of oral health for all who live within the
borders of Idaho. It was created with input from a 50 member work group. It outlines a common agenda with shared measures designed to foster statewide improvement in three priority areas: Prevention, Access, and Policy and Infrastructure. It encourages individuals, organizations, educators, policymakers, private practitioners, and public health professionals to collaboratively undertake activities to create a better, healthier, and more equitable oral healthcare model that will improve the lives of our citizens.

The IOHA and all our partners encourage oral health champions from across the state to actively participate in breaking down barriers, promoting oral health equity, and striving to address and improve oral health outcomes for all.

Annual Progress Report for the Idaho Oral Health Improvement Plan

Each Spring, the Idaho Oral Health Alliance (IOHA) will present an annual report for the 2021-2026 Idaho Oral Health Improvement Plan. Oral health champions from across the state can submit accomplishments, events, and good news throughout the year using the form below. Each annual report will highlight activities that relate to each of these focus areas:

Prevention: Activities that address delivery of oral health education/literacy messaging (for patients and providers), preventive care services, community health programs, and delivery of care in non-traditional settings.

Access: Activities that addresses common barriers (health equity, geography/HPSA, underserved populations, financial barriers), innovative and effective solutions for oral healthcare delivery ((i.e. teledentistry, minimally invasive procedures, and value-based models), and medical dental collaboration.

Policy & Infrastructure: Activities that ensure access to care and prevention services, funding for oral healthcare education and programming, and collection and public availability of surveillance data.

How to Submit Your Oral Health Events/Activities:

When your organization completes a project, activity, or event that aligns with one of the State Plan areas of focus, submit your news to the IOHA so your efforts can be included in the annual report. Submissions can be made throughout the year, but must be received by December 31, each year. The IOHA reserves the right to edit entries for content, consistency, and length. In order to promote statewide efforts, highlight active areas, and positively acknowledge supporters, submissions will be listed alphabetically by organization/name.

Submit your material by December 31 each year to be included in the annual report.

Questions? Contact the IOHA at