According to the Idaho Smile Survey, led by the Idaho Oral Health Program within the IdahoDepartment of Health & Welfare, Idaho children have had, for the last 25+ years, extremely high instances and risks for cavities by the time they reach third grade. When medical professionals incorporate preventive measures into regular pediatric visits, then together we can reduce the severity of early childhood caries ECC. Caries is a 100% preventable disease, if infants and children receive early intervention.

The Idaho Oral Health Alliance presents the following information as reference materials in support of integrating oral health preventive practices into the primary care setting. Many of the resources are borrowed from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

For additional assistance, or to schedule an in-person/in-clinic fluoride varnish training, contact the IOHA at 


Training Resources:

Smiles for Life: a free self-paced on-line set of educational modules developed by medical professionals to provide information and training on integrating oral health into primary care. 

AAP Fluoridation: Visit this AAP website on Patient Care to find resources to help with parental conversations and battle myths about fluoride. This site, presented by the AAP, covers topics from Tongue-Tie to Bottlemouth Syndrome to Oral Health Challenges for Children with Disabilities.

Regional Assistance: Six of Idaho’s seven public health districts have oral health programs that focus on children and pregnant women. To contact the hygienist for your health district, click here to find a listing of the regions then connect to the health district.