We are dedicated to seeking optimal oral health for Idahoans by advocating for policies and programs that help our citizens.

In 2019, the IOHA supported efforts of Close the Gap Idaho which focused on expanding Medicaid; the successful effort to increase dental Medicaid reimbursement levels; the addition of teledentistry to Idaho statute, and the national effort to add dental benefits to Medicare coverage. Early in 2019, we delivered comments on the dental therapy effort by asking legislators seek a more collaborative process before making any decisions.

In 2018, we supported state and national advocacy efforts focused on the CHIP/Children’s Health Insurance Program; Close the Gap Idaho, Healthcare reform, the Children’s Dental Health Project, the Johnson Amendment, and Medicaid benefits issues.

In 2017, the IOHA spearheaded a survey that sought to collect perceptions of respondents on barriers, supportive entities, opportunities for collaboration, and issues as they relate to access to care for Idahoans. The final report was issued in December 2018 with generous support from Delta Dental of Idaho.

2017 Idaho Oral Health Environmental Assessment Report (full report)

2017 Idaho Oral Health Environmental Assessment Infographic